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The Hydrogen Car Conspiracy

July 19th, 2007 at 11:39 pm

This is just the tip of the ice berg on this idea - more of an “I want to get in on paper before I forget” than a fleshed out idea. I’ll explore it in more detail later.

Essentially, the idea here is that the auto makers of the world are perfectly capable of building a better car than they are. I believe there is no technical limitation as to why more fuel efficient motors have not come about. Rather, the reason is economical.

Consider in our economy the trend of rising oil prices. When was the last time prices dropped any significant amount of change for a significant amount of time? In less than four years, fuel prices have more than quadrupled from $0.68 a gallon to over $2.75 a gallon on average. What other industry has seen such incredible inflation in such a short span of time?

And the reason for all this? We live in a society critically dependent on oil to operate. Essentially, this puts total economic control into the hands of the oil producers. So if new technology were to come about which made obsolete the billion dollar oil industry, who might be unhappy?

And that’s where the problem lies. When you run the world’s economy, you tend to be very protective of your power. Any threat to your mainstay of power must be extinguished immediately. And this includes the hydrogen car.

The facts support this. All of the major auto manufacturers have built and operated perfectly functional hydrogen cars. Honda has been running them on in island off Japan for over two years, and Chrysler just completed a cross-country trek with their model, the NECAR5.

The interesting part is just how far the oil industry would go to seal the fate of an alternative fuel vehicle. It’s easy to believe that the oil industry stakes billions of dollars a year into the R&D labs of auto manufactures to “develop” hydrogen technology. And it’s also easy to believe that this money is handed over with a handshake under the table. The money goes in, and nothing comes out of the lab.

Consumers, unfortunately, do not seem concerned by the marketing efforts of these R&D labs which tell us hydrogen “isn’t safe”, or isn’t efficient enough. My response? If it isn’t safe, why are you driving hydrogen cars on test runs across our country now?

But imagine for a moment that an ambitious independent entrepreneur set out to build his own hydrogen powered vehicle. And imagine that he succeeded. If you were that entrepreneur, you’d have made quite an invention. You’d have possibly solved much of the planet’s energy problems for the foreseeable future. You and your blueprints would be worth a very large amount of money.

And you’d have some very powerful enemies in the energy indusutry.

Enemies enough to want you and your work dead and gone.

And that’s precisely what happened to Stanley Allen Mayer nine years ago after he drove his dune buggy across the country, powered on 20 gallons of tap water.

The details of this story are quite fascinating, and if you’re interested, I recommend you Google it. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a bit more research into the facts about Meyer and alternative fuel vehicles. But if you ask me, this sounds like a good plot line for a provocative thriller.

Written by jarrod.carlson

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