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Day Six: Saturday Night!

December 14th, 2008 at 4:30 am

The colors of Tollwood

Tonight was our last night in München, so we had to make it good!

We started with a few drinks at Jessy’s apartment, and some YouTube. From what I have gathered on this trip, these crazy Germans just like to get drunk and watch YouTube all night! And Mario Barth seems to be the video of choice. Sorry Nicole, Jessy.



Once the YouTubing was complete, we made for town. First on our itinerary was a revisit to Tollwood. On a cold Saturday night, the big music tent (Tief-im-Wald) was absolutely packed. We once again managed to arrive at the end of the band’s set, but nonetheless we got a few pints of beer down before they finished with a polka rendition of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. How great.

With us again were Jessy’s brother Patrick and entourage of ladies. I know they were all 19, but in some way, they looked much older. I have no idea what they thought, but I kept glancing up at the three of them - and sometimes catching at least one of them in particular glancing back. Her hair was beautifully sheen with all the colors of the tent lighting. I tried to tell her how sexy it was, but I guess it got lost in translation. Anyway, I snapped some photos and she gave me her email address so I could send her the photos.

While deciding what to do, the girls “borrowed” my camera, and I wound up with a few shots I don’t remember taking - because I didn’t take them. They turned into a good laugh anyway.

Once we departed Tollwood, we headed for a night club called Max und Moritz. This is what Ted would have wanted. Two (or three) huge rooms of face melting, heart pounding, blindingly loud music. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I was in a club with this much power in the audio system. The dance room absolutely throbbed with every thump of the kick drum into the depths of your chest, and even at high volumes, the music was clean and never distorted - it just got louder!

We danced here for an especially longs time, but like the stiff American I am, I never really quite got into it. I don’t think the Germans are really into that hideous close grinding we call “dance” anyway.

Many stupid pictures were taken, some still funny enough to post

Many stupid pictures were taken, some still funny enough to post

I took a few pictures, but I guess bars and clubs are ultimately all the same. However, I did do, for the second time this trip, something stupid. I swore up and down when we left the club that I had lost my GPS receiver. Why did I have it with me in the first place? But second, where was it? After some frantic searching of all my pockets, I gave up. If it had fallen out at the club, or in the cab, then it was surely gone. I would not even know how to describe the little black gadget to someone in the hopes that they’d found it. So I began readying myself for bed when I remembered the secret pocket on my undershirt. A zippered pocket for runners. And there it was. Tucked safely into the secret pocket!

Finding the receiver was a relief, and so we resumed watching YouTube videos until Benny’s train was running again. At 04:30.

Written by jarrod.carlson

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