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Day Eight: Train to Frankfurt

December 15th, 2008 at 2:20 pm

Although 06:00 came much sooner than I wanted, I didn’t mind crawling out of bed at 07:00 to start the day. Brian would be off with Hans to Schneider Optiks and then to Göttingen after lunch.

I, meanwhile, decided to liberate myself from the group and jump a train to Frankfurt am Main. Even though I hardly speak German, the process could not have been simpler. I found my train, which arrived just moments after purchasing the ticket, and by 10:45, I was at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

From here, I’ll spend the day on my own in the city, and Brian has arranged for me to meet up with a friend when he finishes work around 17:00. So another free night. I do have to admit that it’s awfully nice for Phillipp (the friend) to take in a total stranger, but it will be good - I can see some city, save some money, and so forth.

Since I am currently at a Starbucks by the Hauptbahnhof, I suppose I should go make something of the day, yeah?

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Location: Frankfurt / M-Flughafen

Temperature: 21.2°F, Humidity: 67%

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