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Beat the Board

January 4th, 2009 at 10:44 pm

I’m going to try this new incentivizing way of getting myself into the gym. I’ve created a motivation “program” I’m going to call Beat the Board.

The concept is simple - you have a Goal Board, and you must meet or beat the board, every day, to earn points. You compete against others not on goals but on points. More points gets you ahead.

To pilot this, I’m starting with a simple Challenge Series - Starter’s Challenge. We’ll be competing for a free dinner, paid for by the losers.

So if you’re interested or you just want to try something fun, let me know, drop me a line, or leave a comment, and I’ll get you the information (which you can also read here).

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Okay I was impressed

January 4th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

I was looking for something entirely different when I accidentally stumbled on this video. Ken Block is damn impressive. His control over his vehicle is immaculate. Just watch and learn.

YouTube Preview Image

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Sleeping In Is Good For You

January 3rd, 2009 at 12:23 pm

According to new study, sleeping in those extra hours does a lot more for you than you might think.

I’ll have to agree - I haven’t woken before 11:00 the last three days and I feel fantastic!


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Happy Yew Near, Ya’ll!

January 1st, 2009 at 12:27 pm

Happy Yew Near!

Drunk girl on MARTA

Insanely drunk girl on MARTA. MARTA's pressin' charges.


New Year’s Eve. That special time of year when inhibitions are supposed to disappear. And any alcohol tolerance is out the door, too. On New Year’s Eve you drink like it’s your first time. Right?

Well, that was our plan. The four of us, Matt, Zach, Jesse and I, jumped on the MARTA and headed bound for Decatur to the Brick Store Pub. And then this happened.

Poor drunk girl was tossed onto the train by her wonderful friends. She was so drunk (at 22:00) that she couldn’t stand up. She literally fell onto the train, then crawled into a seat. Her head was never above her waist for more than about 10 seconds. She took her shoes off and curled up to sleep. We felt bad for her, and considered getting her off the train and into a cab (MARTA is no place for a girl, alone, too drunk to stand). But at the next stop, two police officers tried to get her up. She was oblivious, and the officers had to carry her off the train. I felt bad, but it was, admittedly, entertaining.

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