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Happy Yew Near, Ya’ll!

January 1st, 2009 at 12:27 pm

Happy Yew Near!

Drunk girl on MARTA

Insanely drunk girl on MARTA. MARTA's pressin' charges.


New Year’s Eve. That special time of year when inhibitions are supposed to disappear. And any alcohol tolerance is out the door, too. On New Year’s Eve you drink like it’s your first time. Right?

Well, that was our plan. The four of us, Matt, Zach, Jesse and I, jumped on the MARTA and headed bound for Decatur to the Brick Store Pub. And then this happened.

Poor drunk girl was tossed onto the train by her wonderful friends. She was so drunk (at 22:00) that she couldn’t stand up. She literally fell onto the train, then crawled into a seat. Her head was never above her waist for more than about 10 seconds. She took her shoes off and curled up to sleep. We felt bad for her, and considered getting her off the train and into a cab (MARTA is no place for a girl, alone, too drunk to stand). But at the next stop, two police officers tried to get her up. She was oblivious, and the officers had to carry her off the train. I felt bad, but it was, admittedly, entertaining.

Drink of choice

St. Bernie - the drink of choice!

Before heading out, the three of us, Zach, Matt, and I, has played a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament. The buy-in was a round of drinks. So first out buys two rounds, second out buys one round, and so on. Zach, having never been to BSP, walks up to the bar upstairs and attempts to order a round of Bud Light. Blasphemy! I convinced him instead, eventually, that the drink of choice should be the delectable St. Bernardus Abbey 12.


Around midnight, the bar started handing out party favors for the big countdown. Suddenly everyone in the bar was eight years old and honking on those noise makers like you do when you’re eight. This annoyed the dickens out of Matt, which of course prompted me to strap four horns together and blast an unholy cacophony of noise in his face. Repetitively. Ha ha.

Eventually, we tired of the place and it was time to go home. After waiting for the train for what seemed like an eternity (maybe time moves slower when you’re drunk), the train arrived.

On the way home, with Matt still annoyed by the noise makers, I hatched a devilish plan. A pack of couples had just boarded the train, and the girls among them were also wildly drunk. So I handed the noise makers to girls, and they took over the task of blasting the noise makers in everyone’s face. Now, there was nothing Matt could do about it. Ha ha ha ha!

Finally, we finished the night with a few frozen pizzas and a game of Mario Party. When I woke in the morning, I was not hung over,  but the late night pizza and coke had my stomach feeling like I’d eaten a fence post. Ugh.

Here are some more pictures from the evening.

Written by jarrod.carlson

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