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Okay I was impressed

January 4th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

I was looking for something entirely different when I accidentally stumbled on this video. Ken Block is damn impressive. His control over his vehicle is immaculate. Just watch and learn.

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Day Seven: Top Amazing Gear Race

December 14th, 2008 at 10:02 pm

The Black Forst

Captain Ludvig at the helm gives the 320i a Top Gear review

By the powers invested in some higher authority, we woke up Sunday morning, not hung over. Though I may not have been hung over, I was not on stable ground. I had completely expected the morning to be painful, but it was not. The world was still spinning a bit when I looked far into the distance, but that was little price to pay for the evening we’d just brought to a close not six hours before. And soon we would be headed for Bad Kreuznach and I could sleep in the car.

In Karlsplatz we picked up what was supposed to be a Ford Mondeo or Volkswagon Jetta. Sixt, however, had given them all away and offered us instead a BMW 320i instead.

Thrilled, we made for the Autobahn. Once on the road, I setup my camera on the dash and we did a little Top Gear style review of the car. Brian seems pleased, but perhaps that was because he had the pleasure of driving. From the passenger seat, I quickly began to despise the car.

The seat was obnoxious. You could only raise the seat by getting out of it - hardly practical at 120 km/h. It was awkwardly angled as well, so I couldn’t get my bum comfortably positioned. And there was nowhere to put my arms.

Besides that, the ride was incredibly stiff. Every little bump in the road made my guts jolt about like James May in his high speed boat ride. My bottom was sore by the time we’d reached out destination. Thankfully, I’d been too tired to care and simply slept most of the journey.

Road Trip from München to Bad Kreuznach in a rented BMW 320i

Road Trip from München to Bad Kreuznach in a rented BMW 320i

There were, however, a few parts for which I was awake. Wide awake.

Being the Autobahn, there is no speed limit in certain sections. So when the opportunity presented itself, Brian gave it the beans, so to speak. I took some proper video of us dashing along at ~220 km/h (~128 mph). Not surprisingly, those bouts of high speed were pretty exciting.

Secondly, our route (shown on my slick GPS map!) took us through the Black Forest, which was presently not black at all. In fact quite the opposite - all white and gray. Everything was glazed in snow, and the deeper we went, the denser the fog became. Soon, we were unable to see off the road at all, and in front of us, we could only see about 100m. Or less. The fog was in some patches so thick, it had became dark, like a thunderstorm cloud. Fog so thick the sun cannot shine through it. But it eventually gave way and we left the forest. And I returned to my dazing and drifting to and from sleep.

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Day Six: Saturday Morning

December 13th, 2008 at 6:25 pm

Surfer Art

Saturday morning arrived all too soon, or rather ended too soon. Sleep was cut short around noon by the arrival of four more guests - Jessy’s brother Patrick and his friends Jenni, Ramona, and Timeea .

After eating Weißwurst for breakfast (lunch?) that Jessy had so kindly prepared, we geared up and set out for another day of adventure.

The first stop: the Englischer Garten. On the Eisbach river here, some crazy Germans had found a rip tide in the river that created an infinite wave suitable for surfing on. And that’s exactly what they were doing. I’ve never seen anything like this! There is snow on the ground, the air is about 30 degrees, and the river is certainly frigid as well. They wore wet suits, but they must have been on the lower extreme of what a wet suit is capable of insulating you from. Any colder and they would need dry suits.


After some photos were taken, we strolled on through the park, which was thoroughly snowed in, and came to another Christmas market at the Chinesicher Turm (Chinese Tower). This was a quaint little market with so many delicious things to smell. Homemade soaps, Glühwein, waffles, roasted nuts…

We walked quite some way on this outing - about 6.5 miles in all, according to the GPS, which I handily brought along this time, and as a reward, it produced a fantastic log for us!

Brian received word that his boss would need to change plans for Sunday. Instead of driving to Göttingen as planned, we would be bound for Bad Kreuznach. Most likely, then, on Monday, I’ll pick up a train to Köln or Frankfurt for the day/night. It might be nice to get some solo time and do some shopping and sight seeing on my own. But more than likely I’ll just be hopelessly lost and confused!

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Day Two: Recovery

December 9th, 2008 at 7:21 pm

Cold beer on draught at Big Ben's English Pub

We went out last night, and we went all out. We started the evening with a few drinks in the apartment, but as Ted learned, it’s okay to bring your pre-game with you (pay attention to what’s going on in the background):


So we did. But before we went, Brian explains a little bit about the local beverage selection:


Later, we left Big Ben’s and strolled down the street, looking for another place to continue our evening. We stumbled into a place called Forecast Bar. The bartenders here were a bit different. Not that we didn’t have a good experience, but it was expensive. The barman refused to serve Ted almost immediately, saying he was too completely hammered to handle anymore. Of course, that might have been true.

Eventually, we decided it was time to end the evening and stumble home. Brian and Nicole split without hesitation, and Ted and I, staggeringly intoxicated, raced to keep up. “Warten Sie auf!” we shouted. But Brian’s navigational intuitions could not be slowed.

We got to the hotel, and it was only minutes before everyone was collapsed in a bed. Except me. Where was my camera? What had I done with my new camera? I had been so careful to keep it tucked in my pocket all night - it had to be in the apartment! I reasoned that I had perhaps left it at the last bar, so I reluctantly donned my coat and headed back out for a search and rescue. Interestingly, the entire time I was gone, I spoke only German. I walked back into the bar, right up to some people, and asked them if they had seen a camera. No, they hadn’t. Or maybe I was drunk and they thought I was crazy. Either way, I went home, depressed. And then I realized that I did in fact have my camera. I don’t know where I came up with it, but I did. So that’s good.

I returned to the apartment to climb in bed and discovered Ted had completely covered the futon, sprawled out and conked out. I decided not to bother him and spread my hostel bag - for which I am infinitely grateful I brought - on the floor and passed out.

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