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Day Four: München Nachten

December 11th, 2008 at 11:49 pm

Tollwood Polka Band

At about 18:45 we tracked back to Jessy’s apartment, where her roommate, Martin, greeted us. He was cool, and my thanks go to him for putting up with us. Then, Dr. Jessy “G” Gunold herself made her entrance. I had no idea she was such a looker! And I would find soon that she was a sweet and nice as she looked! Where are the Jessy’s in America?

We soon departed again, bound for the Hofbraukeller, not far from the apartment. Like Americans are trained from their birth to do, I engorged on entirely too much food.

When dinner had ended, we boarded a subway bound for a part of town that only my GPS could tell me where it was. We arrived at what was known as Tollwood, which Jessy described as being “like a Christmas market, but different.” It was! They had live music, many bars, more Glühwein that you could drink, and more. It was more like Oktoberfest, but Weihnachtsfest.

Along the way, we discovered that Mitch Parks was somewhere in München, as evident by this car with it's window left open to the snow

Along the way, we discovered that Mitch Parks was somewhere in München, as evident by this car with it's window left open to the snow

The night went on, and the beers went down. We left Tollwood, and Jessy, having to work in the morning, left us. Brian and I went in search of a bar down in the University section of town known as Shamrock, which we found, but found it to be boring and empty. This was a University area, there were bound to be gorgeous University co-eds out and about near by. We thus headed for a local place that was brimming with just such young beautiful co-eds as any guy might have desired. I desperately wanted to be back in college, carefree and fearless of bad decisions.

Unfortunately, we were total tools. We knew nobody, and everyone else already knew each other. So while we mellowed in the corner of the bar, we watched the dozens of drop-dead-gorgeous 20-somethings get their evening on. It was enough for us.

Contented, we made for the U-Bahn to start our way back home before the last train. Too late, though, it had already gone. We hailed a cab and headed home. Once there, Brian proceeded to snore a storm, dreaming no doubt of all the things we should have been doing to those ladies in the club. I wrote and left Jessy a note, thanking her for letting us crash at her place.

Good times. And tomorrow we planned on a day trip to Austria!

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Day Four: On to München

December 11th, 2008 at 11:39 pm

At the Gunold residence, I have made myself at home.

At the Gunold residence, I have made myself at home.

The morning came. Ted awoke first and made for the train station - he flew out at 09:00.

Brian and I made our morning a bit more leisurely as we woke, packed, and boarded a 09:15 train to München (Munich). The ride would take us through some fantastic snow fields. The country side of Switzerland and Germany under snow is a sight to behold. Sadly, it was a bit too difficult to photograph from the train.

Once we arrived, we set out looking for Jessy’s apartment. This was an interesting task because it was certainly not in a tourist area. We purchased a three-day transit pass and headed east to Max-Weber Platz, where from it was another six blocks walk. Uphill. In the snow. With no shoes.

After schlepping our bags up the five flights of stairs to Jessy’s, we went back out to explore the neighborhood - Jessy would not be home from work for several hours, and we were hungry, thirsty, and in need of an ATM. We found a kiosk a few blocks away and helped ourselves to some Lëberkasen. We then took the U-Bahn to Marien Platz to see the Weihnachtsmarkt. Though I didn’t know it at the time, over the next three days we would become very familiar with this area of town. We had been here before in 2005 - the Hofbrauhaus is here - but the Christkindlmarkt made everything different. The streets were packed, even in the early afternoon! This was a sight to be seen. And then, it started snowing!

With the snow and the cold bearing down, Brian and I found some Glühwein and candied walnuts for warmth and sustenance and continued wandering around the immense market, investigating what wares the merchants had to offer. We even made a short break in Bayerischer Donisl - our old favorite bar for beer and schnitzel.

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GPX Log from Zürich to München

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Day Three: Zurich Comes to and End

December 10th, 2008 at 11:03 pm

A proper pint and plate sort of place

A proper pint and plate sort of place

Wednesday ended with Nicole departing for the airport and the three of us chilling in the apartment for a while. The weather was getting worse, and only the moderation of the Zürichsee was preventing a total snow storm.

About 21:00, we headed to a proper English pub - Oliver Twist. They had proper pints, proper football, and proper fish & chips. It was almost certainly a local joint, so we felt a bit out of place, but we made out best of fitting in. These folks were here to watch a game and we were clearly in their way. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves.

The city is awfully photographic at night in the rain

The city is awfully photogenic at night in the rain

After food and drink, we took our leave, and so did Ted. Brian and I continued hunting for a “happening scene”, but we quickly realized that it would not be found in Zurich on a snowy Wednesday night, and this was not a haven for two guys to get lucky.

We pit stopped at a few bars along the way, looking for action, but found nothing, so eventually, we just turned in for the evening. After sleeping two nights on the hardwood floor, I booted Brian and Ted to the futon and took the double bed to myself. It was a very welcome change of accommodations for all of us, and as a result, I slept the best night of the whole trip right then and there.

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Day Two: Recovery

December 9th, 2008 at 7:21 pm

Cold beer on draught at Big Ben's English Pub

We went out last night, and we went all out. We started the evening with a few drinks in the apartment, but as Ted learned, it’s okay to bring your pre-game with you. So we did. But before we went, Brian explains a little bit about the local beverage selection.

Later, we left Big Ben’s and strolled down the street, looking for another place to continue our evening. We stumbled into a place called Forecast Bar. The bartenders here were a bit different. Not that we didn’t have a good experience, but it was expensive. The barman refused to serve Ted almost immediately, saying he was too completely hammered to handle anymore. Of course, that might have been true.

Eventually, we decided it was time to end the evening and stumble home. Brian and Nicole split without hesitation, and Ted and I, staggeringly intoxicated, raced to keep up. “Warten Sie auf!” we shouted. But Brian’s navigational intuitions could not be slowed.

We got to the hotel, and it was only minutes before everyone was collapsed in a bed. Except me. Where was my camera? What had I done with my new camera? I had been so careful to keep it tucked in my pocket all night - it had to be in the apartment! I reasoned that I had perhaps left it at the last bar, so I reluctantly donned my coat and headed back out for a search and rescue. Interestingly, the entire time I was gone, I spoke only German. I walked back into the bar, right up to some people, and asked them if they had seen a camera. No, they hadn’t. Or maybe I was drunk and they thought I was crazy. Either way, I went home, depressed. And then I realized that I did in fact have my camera. I don’t know where I came up with it, but I did. So that’s good.

I returned to the apartment to climb in bed and discovered Ted had completely covered the futon, sprawled out and conked out. I decided not to bother him and spread my hostel bag - for which I am infinitely grateful I brought - on the floor and passed out.

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Day One: Quick Details

December 8th, 2008 at 3:30 pm

Me, on the river, in Zurich

Hey that’s me in Zurich! Right there on the river!

Right now as I’m writing this, it’s about 21:15 +0100 GMT. (Zurich is six hours ahead of Atlanta, if you don’t like math, so it’s 3:15 PM EDT).

We spent day one - which has been incredibly long thus far - walking around the town to see. Let me reiterate how long the day is: rise and shine, 8am to meet Bess and Moe for breakfast. Depart six and a half hours later. Sleep a total of nil hours on the plane, arrive Zurich 07:45 local time, goof about all day. Total time awake: 31 hours. And we’re about to go out for the evening.

Okay, that’s a lie - I did get a short power nap when we reached the apartment we’re staying at. But it was short! Our friend Nicole arrived from Köln, and we headed out on the town for dinner and tour. Once again, I got nerdy and brought along my little GPS friend - but that’s cool, because you can see where we went.

More pictures and maps after the break!

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