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Europe 2008 Pictures

January 4th, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Here is a short collection of the photos I took while on vacation in Europe in December, 2008.

Zürich, Day 1

Arrival in Zürich

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München Arrival

Brian and I arrive in München and kill some time before Jessy is home from work

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München Nachten

A little bit of partying never hurt anyone, right? We do just that in München with Dr. Jessy "G" Gunold.

6 Photos

BMW Welt

Brian and I pay a visit to the BMW Museum

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München Sushi and Salsa

Sushi for dinner and salsa for fun

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Saturday in München

A long walk around München Saturday afternoon

11 Photos

All of the photos used in my posts (and suitable for posting) are up on my Picasa Web Albums.

Euro Trip 2008 - Zürich Euro Trip 2008 - Frankfurt Euro Trip 2008 - München

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